Manuela Carmena

Manuela Carmena, former mayor of Madrid, has caused controversy by admitting that Podemos/Sumar is a scam. In a viral YouTube video, she criticizes her former party and movement for not living up to their promises. These comments highlight the internal division within the political left. The video's title, "Manuela Carmena admits that Podemos/Sumar is a scam," has generated interest before the upcoming general elections. Carmena's words may have a significant impact on public opinion and complicate the internal situation of both parties. The reactions on social media have been intense, with debates between supporters and detractors of these political forces. Overall, Carmena's statements have stirred up the political landscape just days before the elections.

No me creo que el delfín Íñigo Errejón traicione a su amado Pablo Iglesias. No me creo que traicione a Podemos y caiga en las garras de la comunista Carmena rompiendo su partido.
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